Archiv für 12. September 2005

mail from mr. vercetti

vercetti_phone (9k image)

ola, suckaz, i know you kind of missed me, right? well, as you can see i just managed to plugin this motherfucking camera from my ps2 into this bullshit-device they call computer, you know!? and as you might already know, or you don’t, you know i was never interested in this kind of shit, but you can get some drivers for this thing, cause it’s built by logitech. so i was able to make this nice photo from myself and, to be serious: did you ever see kind of such an elegant motherfucker as me!? yeah, man, gotcha. at this time, i’m on vacation. as many weeks before, nothing changed. well, that is actually the price you get when the whole motherfucking town they call vice city belongs to mr. vercetti, got it!? candy suxxx is „working“, but i know there are children out there so i wasn’t able to send you the other part of the picture. well, what did you think, stupid idiot that i would disappear forever!? haha! the next time you see me i’m rumbling with your mother and if candy had an empty mouth right now, she could tell ya, what the hell that means. well, i have to quit now, cause my new game is coming soon and i have some appearances in several shitty talkshows. it’s just bizness, just promotion and don’t let them tell ya that my new game won’t have me, myself and i in the leading role, that is all bullshit, they just changed my name for licensing reasons. well, fuck you all, i’m out.
candy! you fucking bitch, c’mon, i always tell ya swallow this shit! fuck, bitch, my fucking expensive carpet! damn.

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